Gostar Arshid was registered in Isfahan in March 2015. In that year, the core of the company was a combination of the most elite researchers and experts in electrical and computer engineering with years of professional experience.

Megashid was stationed at Isfahan University Technology Development Center between 2015 and 2017. In July 2017, this company entered the growth period of the science and research town of Isfahan with the central idea of ​​”intelligent greenhouse climate control system” and settled in the agricultural growth center of this town. The commercialization of the greenhouse climate control system product and the equipping of a large number of greenhouses in the provinces of Isfahan, Kermanshah, Alborz and Zanjan are among Megashid’s achievements during its growth period. Megashid also managed to receive a knowledge base certificate for four categories of his products in the field of RTU equipment in the second year of the growth period (2018).

After three years of research and development, the maturity of Magashid’s technology in the field of intelligent systems, along with the growth of manpower and the company’s operating income, led Megashid to be accepted in the Science and Technology Park of Isfahan Science and Research Town in August 2020. It is located in Shahrak Park.

Megashid has been the supplier of Isfahan Mobarakeh Steel Company since February 2017, in the field of localization and trading of electronic equipment, automation and precision instruments, and has localized more than 40 different equipments in the mentioned areas and successfully delivered them to the respected Isfahan Mobarakeh Steel Company. has done.

The permanent connection of Megashid experts with the needs of the industry, observation of current world technologies and evaluation of development approaches in the country’s industries prompted Megashid to develop a complex, practical and comprehensive technology. Since 2019, Megashid has developed its industrial Internet of Things platform with the following goals:

  • Industrial process specialists can implement their status monitoring and control systems without the need for coding.

  • Collect real and practical data from the environment of industrial processes and equipment in order to prepare the ground for the use of technologies such as artificial intelligence in the industry.

  • Instead of providing specific solutions in each field, a comprehensive smart solution should be available to users that will enable them to solve all their micro and macro needs in the field of situation monitoring, control and smart.

After about three years of continuous research and development and commercialization of developed samples in the fields of greenhouse and smart building, Megashid has attracted capital from Mobarakeh Steel Group with the aim of using its IoT solution in the industry (especially the steel industry). And in March of 2021, by increasing the capital and handing over 30% of its shares to MSTID, it has made a strategic, reliable and powerful partner along with it in the way ahead.

Currently, this company is developing technology and commercializing it in the field of intelligent solutions based on the Internet of Industrial Things.

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