Megashid platform in the

Smart Power Grid

Data collection from network sensors (voltage, current, weather, etc.), RTUs, smart meters and other distribution network components, in order to increase the quality of production and distribution planning and timely diagnosis of network anomalies.

Predictive maintenance for network equipment, including transformers, generators, power switches, etc.

Energy efficiency: collecting data on consumer consumption patterns, analyzing data and providing real-time solutions to reduce energy consumption

Monitoring energy consumption, identifying conventional and unconventional consumption patterns and helping to plan to reduce energy consumption. Also, intelligent control of cooling, heating, ventilation and lighting of factory buildings in order to prevent energy waste

Responding to demand, through intelligent and remote control of unnecessary consumer equipment and reducing consumption during peak energy consumption hours

Network security and resilience against cyber attacks, tampering and sabotage through continuous data monitoring and anomaly detection

Transactions and integration of the energy market: Magashid cloud system can provide a secure environment and analyze energy market data and help trading companies make informed decisions.

Remote monitoring and control of the condition of electrical substation equipment in order to know the current condition of the equipment and reduce the need for on-site inspections.