Megashid platform in the

Smart Factory

Predictive Maintenance and Repairs

Online monitoring of industrial equipment status, detection of existing or impending failures, and planning for predictive and manual maintenance.

Quality Control

Online monitoring of the quality of manufactured products and quick reporting of deviations from production standards

Optimizing the Supply Chain, Storage and Distribution

Online monitoring of purchased shipments, how raw materials and goods are stored, accurate reporting of inventory and deficit of raw materials, tracking of goods being distributed

Energy Management

Monitoring energy consumption, identifying conventional and unconventional consumption patterns and helping to plan to reduce energy consumption. Also, intelligent control of cooling, heating, ventilation and lighting of factory buildings in order to prevent energy waste

Security and Safety

Online monitoring of equipment status, personnel traffic, access, accident factors, etc.

Process Optimization

Identifying the weak points of production processes through collected data and the possibility of continuous improvement and increasing production efficiency

Remote Monitoring and Control of Equipment, Processes and all Factory events


Tracking Assets and Preventing Theft, Loss and Possible Damage of Valuable Factory Assets