Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

IIoT uses the capabilities of IoT technology to optimize industrial processes, production lines, and industrial infrastructure. This technology connects sensors, machines and systems in industrial environments and improves efficiency, productivity and safety.

Among the applications of this technology in the industry, the following fields can be mentioned:

  • Production planning, purchase of raw materials and storage of raw materials and products
  • Sales planning, distribution and tracking of manufactured products
  • Quality control on the line of manufactured products
  • Safety and online inspection of industrial environments
  • Predictive maintenance and repairs
  • Energy consumption management
  • Industrial waste management
  • Providing a data pool with an artificial intelligence data mining approach
  • Decentralization of conventional industrial monitoring and control systems
  • Centralized and comprehensive management dashboards, while distributing control and monitoring operations in a decentralized manner
  • And …

Cloud system

Data-driven governance, that is, making micro and macro decisions based on data that reflect the real conditions of a process or system, has attracted a lot of attention.

The Mogashid cloud system complements the Mogashid edge controller in the field of data exploitation by providing a centralized space for data processing, storage and advanced analytics. Among the capabilities of Megashid cloud system, we can mention the following:

Data Processing Pipeline

Magashid cloud system cleans, categorizes and pre-processes the data received from the edge controller in order to use the data optimally.

Advanced Analysis

Megashid cloud system provides the infrastructure for implementing artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. Preventive repairs and maintenance, identification of defects, optimization of industrial processes based on historical and real-time data, and many other applications will be possible using this feature of Megashid cloud system.


The structure of Magashid cloud system is such that independent desktops can be created in it. In this structure, due to the creation of a separate database and dashboard for each project, data isolation, security and scalability will be ensured.

User Cooperation

Magashid cloud system users can easily create dedicated desktops and invite other users to their desktops according to the access levels set by the system administrator. This feature provides team collaboration, knowledge sharing and leveled monitoring.

Alert Management

Magashid Cloud System provides a comprehensive alert management system that enables users to set alert thresholds, monitor system events, and quickly respond to critical issues.

Save and Retrieve Data

In the Megashid cloud system, historical data is regularly stored and users can access it for analysis, adaptive or purposeful reporting.

Customization and Expansion

All the capabilities of the Megashed cloud system can be configured without the need of coding and as desired by the user.

License Management

Megashid’s cloud system license management system ensures compliance with its rules and working conditions.

Security and Reliability

The Magashid cloud system has standard mechanisms to protect user privacy, data confidentiality during transmission, preventing unauthorized access to the system, protecting stored data, and providing backup copies of user data and settings.

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